Contemporay Music Director

1. Provide contemporary music worship leadership for the 11 am Sunday service as the Contemporary Worship Leader

2. Prepare music, any music arrangements, and implement a rehearsal plan for the Music Team’s weekly practice; the goal being a well prepared music team spiritually and musically for Sunday worship

3. Work with Music Director in selection of music  

4. Blended worship music also includes restyling and updating familiar hymns with collaboration from the Music Director  

5. Rehearse the band (1.5 hours on a week night and Sundays be on site 1.5 hours)

6. Prepare the lyric slides before the band rehearsal. Work with the Audio-Visual Coordinator to integrate the slides into the 11 am worship service

7. Recruit instrumentalists and audition team vocalists with the Music Director

8. Weekly, turn in music titles no later than 8 am on Wednesdays to Production Team

9. Comply with all music licensing requirements through church accounts with CCLI and One Licensing; provide reports to their sources when requested

10. Attend worship planning meetings chaired by the Pastor

11. Work with the Pastor, Music Director, and Audio-Visual Coordinator

12. Help plan and lead special worship services during the year

13. Work with Pastor regarding music requests for weddings and funerals if needed, and compensated separately    

Please send a current resume and cover letter to