Kim Buck

Kim Buck

Hello dear friends!

I have not sent an update in awhile, but after this busy ministry season, I finally had an opportunity to sit down and write you an update, my dear prayer and financial partners!  I hope you'll read it when you have a chance.  It has been a really wonderful year, and the summer ministry season has just started.  It is a lot of fun as we are receiving 3 summer mission teams in Moscow this summer.  They are great at meeting new students and inviting them into our community.  I've attached a photo from a recent game night.  


I know not everyone is always able to open and read my letters quickly, but I did want to draw your attention the prayer requests from the letter which I'll paste here.  I am thankful for each one of you!


Please Pray:

• We are in the midst of our busy summer ministry season.  Pray for three summer mission projects joining in our Gospel work in Moscow this summer.  

• I will take a short trip to the U.S. this summer to serve at a training for new missionaries preparing to serve God overseas.  Our new teammates, Mattie and Tyler, will be participating in the training.  Pray God would use me in sharing with and serving the next new generation of missionaries!

• I have been facing some medical difficulties recently.  I spent 4 days in the hospital with a virus. I’m starting to feel better, but please pray for God’s complete healing!

I am in need of $3300 for my summer ministry expenses and medical expenses. I am looking for 33 people who could give a special one-time gift of $100.  Would you pray about giving a one-time gift of $100 or more?  I am so grateful for each one of you, for your prayers your financial partnership.


The “Ped”

Many of you may remember that 3 years ago, my team began working heavily at the Pedagogical University. We showed up faithfully everyday, made lots of friends, shared the Gospel often, and started an English club. That first year, we did not see a lot of tangible fruit, but it was clear that God was working. There was a real openness on campus to spiritual things.

Fast forward 3 years, and it is overwhelmingly exciting to see what God is now doing! At the end of February, two believers from the Ped attended our Winter Bible conference. This was a special conference where student believers were envisioned and equipped for building spiritual movements. Diana and Nastya from the Ped attended and it was clear that they left the conference excited about how God might use them to reach their university for Christ. They began making plans, meeting together, and going to share their faith with our interns who also do ministry at the Ped.

As we come to the end of the semester, it is so exciting to think about the SIX believers that God has raised up at the Ped. 3 of them are newer believers, and 3 of them are more mature in their faith. There is so much potential with this group of students to see a real, student-led movement take root at the Pedagogical University. Additionally, several of them are going to be attending our Russian national summer project together at the end of June. I think this is going to be extremely unifying for them, and they will return to the campus with the right mindset to start their ministry off strong! Next year, our intern team will be investing in helping this group become united, and training them in the skills they need to reach their campus for Christ and multiply their movement. I can’t wait to see what God does! 


People’s Friendship University

This was the first year that we spent time investing in students at People’s Friendship. This is one of my favorite universities in Moscow, as there are students who attend from over 140 countries around the world! I love the idea that when students hear the Gospel and receive it at this university, they have the opportunity to return to their home countries and continue further spreading the Gospel, perhaps in places that Cru doesn’t have the opportunity to send missionaries.

Our intern team at People’s Friendship worked really hard building relationships and sharing the Gospel widely at the university. A highlight was weekly “family dinner” nights where they invited all their friends over for dinner and a time of just growing in relationship. There were many opportunities on these nights to share the Gospel!

An exciting thing that recently happened was our intern met a group of believing students from a group called Students for Christ! These students really wanted to learn how to share the Gospel, and had a passion not just for reaching the many nations at People’s Friendship, but they really had a heart to reach Russians as well. The interns hosted a two-week evangelism training for them and some people from a local Moscow church. We are very excited to see where this partnership with Students for Christ will go in the future, and excited to see more students hear the Gospel at this influential university next year!

Moscow State University

We have had some exciting developments in the men’s side of our ministry recently! We are always praying for more men to be involved and this is an answer to prayer for us!

Dan recently came in contact with a student named Azam. He earnestly desires to make the world a better place, and as a result, recognizes the need to start with himself. He is seeking the truth more intently than any other student we’ve met this year. He has been faithful to meet weekly with the guys on our team to discuss the core beliefs of Christianity.

Earlier this Spring, the guys on our team met a group of high school guys at a food court nearby where we often go to do evangelism. The guys were playing board games, and the following week, our guys starting playing with them too. Now they meet every Thursday! Three guys, Vanya, Oleg, and Misha, come very regularly, and sometimes they bring their other friends, Masha and Nikita. They have all heard the Gospel, but didn’t take it very seriously. Even so, they still want to keep meeting with the guys on our team. Our guys are hoping to do some kind of club with them next year that they can invite their friends to, where part of the time they would play games, and part of the time, talk about the Bible.

In general, ministry at Moscow State has been pretty challenging this year. There have been a lot of barriers, especially since we are unable to get inside the university buildings to hang out with students there.
But we believe that Russia will not be reached with the Gospel if this most influential university in all of Russia is not reached. So we will persevere and try new things next year, so that every student at Moscow State will have the opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus!

Pray for Us!

The majority of our team is raising financial support for the ministry this summer. Please pray for God to provide abundantly for each of their needs.(Vova, Lilya, Andrei, Anya, and Gulnaz)
The first of two summer mission teams arrives in Moscow this week! Please pray that these college students from the U.S.A. would see God use them in the lives of Russian students this summer, that they would share the Gospel boldly, and that they themselves would grow mightily in their own walks with the Lord.
June 26-July 7, the national Russian summer project will take place in Moscow! Students from all over Russia will come to Moscow to grow in their faith and to share the Gospel with as many students as possible! Please pray that many students would hear the Gospel and receive it, and that student leaders in Moscow would be raised up through this project to start spiritual movements at new universities in the Fall.

Kim is grateful for the support she receives from Universal City United Methodist Church. Through the partnership we share with her she is able to reach people like Lena and others so that they might have the opportunity to have a relationship with God, be set free from sin, and live a whole new life.