Kim Buck

Kim Buck

Hello dear friends!

I grew up attending UCUMC with my family from 10 years of age.  I was discipled and cared for by the UCUMC community, grew in my faith through Sunday School, youth group, Chrysalis, and the many UCUMC servants who shared the love and truth of Christ with me.  Now it’s my turn to keep spreading the love of Christ and the truth of the Gospel to those who don’t know Him!  I live in Moscow, Russia, and am a missionary with Cru, reaching out to students and young people with His message of love and hope!

I love watching the many people out and about in the city of Moscow. Every face reminds me that God loves them and created them uniquely and wants to have a relationship with them. There are millions of faces that stare back at me on the metro, in the parks, at the cafes, at the bus stop. God deeply loves each one of the 12 million in this city and wants to draw them to Himself.

There are many evidences that people honored the Lord in this country at one time. Old Orthodox churches and monasteries are all around. It encourages me to see these reminders of the strong faith many Russians once had. I want God to restore the church in Russia.

Moscovites love experiencing culture. I do too. I love going to events in the city, rubbing shoulders with Russians and enjoying the city that we both love so much.