Mission of the Month May

Our Church Facilities

                 It’s time for Mission of the Month!  This is a giving opportunity for us to help financially and through serving in an area where there is need.  This month, that area is our own church facilities.  As we continue to help so many other missions throughout the year, it is important that we keep our own church buildings safe, in good repair and not becoming eyesores because of lack of funds.

Each month, after all the giving to our general fund is completed, there is very little money left to take care of our church property.  It is the job of the Trustees to manage the property, but we need help.  Our facilities manager, David Friedli, works tirelessly and constantly to keep things in order.  Some things, however, require more than just hard work.  The City Of Universal City and the Universal City Fire Department have increased requirements for all businesses and churches in an effort to keep us safe.  It is important that we comply.  It is also important that we prepare for long term building care and the unexpected which always happens with an older facility.

Can you help us?  We have listed below some of the things we must do in the near future.  This is our church family home.  This is where we worship together and grow in Christ together.  This is where our mission work begins—in our community and beyond.  This is our home base for doing Christ’s work.  We can’t let it fall apart.

Our goal is to meet the costs for some of these needs, over and above regular giving.  Below are projects and estimated costs as you prayerfully consider this Mission of the Month. 

*Fire suppression system for the stove (UC Fire Dept. requirement)  $2000+ plus installation   

*Grease trap for the kitchen (UC ordinance)$1000+

*Panic hardware for Fellowship Hall doors or new doors (UC Fire Dept.) $2000

*Quarterly service for AC/heaters ,to keep them running as long as possible. $1780

*Window AC/Heater units for Wesley building if roof AC quit.  $1500

*Roof AC units   $6000 each  

*Repair of Life Enrichment Center from foundation damage.  $3000+

*Replacement of roofs.  $20,000 (not to be done all at once.)

*Seal Parking Lot. $5000


For more information, contact Cheryl Hosack (210-416-4208) or Jeff Holbrook (210-643-5182.)     Thank you!  

Cheryl Hosack and Jeff Holbrook                                                                                                                                                                      UCUMC Trustees, Co-Chairmen