Operation Backpack

Operation Backpack is our UCUMC outreach ministry that helps feed economically disadvantaged children that live nearby and attend Rose Garden Elementary.  The school provides meals and snacks for these students during the week, but often there is not enough to eat in their home on the weekends.  Hungry students may exhibit behavior problems and have difficulty learning.  Our backpack ministry positively impacts the lives of these at-risk kids by providing them with nutritious food to eat on weekends and holidays.        

Now in its 9th year, Operation Backpack is currently experiencing rapid growth.  Every week our dedicated team fills backpacks with enough food for as many as 150 school kids to take home for the weekend.  This means we must provide hundreds of meals, snacks, and drinks every month.  In addition, last year we started a summer backpack program to extend coverage over the summertime.  Obviously we must constantly restock our backpack food pantry in order to maintain this ministry year-round.     

We sincerely thank our church family and the local community for their generous donations of food and money over the years and pray that will continue.  Rest assured that these contributions really do make a difference in children’s lives.  We receive many comments from Rose Garden Elementary teachers and parents that confirm just how much the food backpack program helps these students and families.  Most telling are the kids smiles every week at school when they receive their full backpacks.  

Several Ways You Can Help

·        Join us every Thursday, when school is in session, from 7am-9am in Fellowship Hall to help fill backpacks with food. 

·        Make a financial donation as food costs are significant.

·        Drop off food donations in the church office or place in the ‘Operation Backpack’ bin in Fellowship Hall.

Food List- examples*

·        100% Juice Cartons

·        Applesauce/Fruit cups

·        Cans of Ravioli or Spaghetti-o’s

·        Cereal- Individual boxes

·        Instant Oatmeal Packets

·        Granola or Cereal bars

·        Ramen Noodles or Pasta

·        Canned Soups or vegetables

·        Peanut butter crackers

·        Chips/Pretzels/Gold Fish

·        Animal crackers/Gummies

·        Canned Vienna Wieners or Tuna

*Basically any snack, breakfast, or meal that is packaged in single or family size servings and non-perishable.

Join us every Thursday, when school is in session, from 7am-9am in the Fellowship Hall to assembly the backpacks. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact, 210-659-5555, in the church office or Bob Miller at 210-573-3065.