Leadership Ministry Teams at UCUMC

Governing Board
We have gone to a Simplified Leadership Structure designed to streamline the business of the church. In this model the Board governs, the pastor leads, the staff (paid and unpaid) manage and the congregation does the “hands on” ministry. In the meetings Finance, Trustees and Staff Parish Relations conduct their business with everyone on the board as part of their business and ministry team. The board uses the Mission and Vision Statements for the ongoing alignment of new and existing programs and ministries of the church. Further, they are responsible for church goals and accountability.

Chair: Kris England

Secretary: Jennifer Saeger

Senior Pastor: Linda Baumheckel

Lay Leader: Lynda Martinez

Finance Chair and Team: Pat Collins (2018) and Sally Cook (2019) Shelley Woitena (2020)

Staff Pastor Parish Relations (SPPRC) Chair and Team: Chair Maryellen Mills (2018) and Scott Durham and Jennifer Saeger (2020)

Trustees Chair and Team: Cheryl Hosack (2018) and Jeff Holbrook (2019)

Foundation: Joe Painter and Mark Mueller

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference: Janet Mueller and Mark Mueller