RACAP is currently in desperate need of the following items!! We are down to our last bins of these and have been busier than ever! Please help as soon as possible if you are able! Thank YOU!!

Meat Helpers (like Hamburger Helper)
Canned Fruits
Macaroni & Cheese (boxed)
Tomato Products


RACAP Facts And Figures, January 2015

(Information compiled by Jessie Fisher, RACAP Program Director)

RACAP stands for Randolph Area Christian Assistance Program.
RACAP has been in continuous operation since 1983, housed at no cost except for a portion of the electric bill, in a building that belongs to the Schertz Housing Authority at 307 Pfeil St., in Schertz.

RACAP is solely supported by 26 member churches, local civic organizations like the Lion’s Club and the Kiwanis, businesses, schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and many others in the communities RACAP serves. RACAP receives no government funding! RACAP depends heavily on donations of nonperishable food items to keep the pantry stocked. The service area of RACAP is determined by the zip code the member churches are located in. (78108, 78109, 78124, 78132, 78148, 78154, 78233 Live Oak only, 78247 and 78266)


RACAP conducts three special programs each year.

  • The Back-to-School Program, which provided gift, cards from Payless Shoes for 438 children from 187 families in 2014.
  • The Holiday Meal Basket Program for Thanksgiving, which provides everything a family needs for a small Thanksgiving meal. Last year more than 267 families (that was 383 adults & 233 children!!) were provided with a basket for Thanksgiving
  • The Holiday Meal Basket Program for Christmas, which provides everything a family needs for a Christmas meal. More than 343 families (that was 515 adults and 341 children!!) were provided a meal basket for Christmas. In addition to providing baskets for families, RACAP matches groups that wish to sponsor a family with families that sign up for the Holiday Meal Basket Program. This allows Sponsors to also provide toys or gifts for the children in the family if they would like.


RACAP has more than 80 volunteers who come in on a scheduled basis to assist with the daily operations.

- In 2014, RACAP served a total of 1,510 families (4,126 people.) This was a 2% increase over 2013, which was the first year in more than 8 years that the total number of families seen decreased! The numbers had increased every year since 2005.

- In 2014 Food was provided for 1,170 families (3,188 people) at a total estimated value of $96,215. 

- Several times during the year, when donations of nonperishable foods ran low, RACAP had to purchase foods in addition to the perishable items kept on hand (ground turkey, chickens, frozen juice, margarine, carrots & apples.) Thanks to generous financial donations RACAP spent $12,811.99 in 2014 to keep the pantry stocked.

- RACAP pledged to assist 321 families with rent; 69 families with prescriptions; and 560 families with utilities. Of the families seen in 2014, 596 families were new clients.

If you would like further information or clarification of any of this information, please feel free to contact RACAP at 658-1613.