Shoe Box Ministry

Universal City UMC supports the Loaves and Fishes program hosted by the First Presbyterian Church in downtown San Antonio--a ministry to the homeless and hungry that takes place on the last Sunday of each month. Our support includes both volunteers who help serve food, welcome guests, and help clean up afterwards as well as, once a quarter, preparing and handing out bags of toiletries. 

Items in Our Shoebox

  1.  Bar Soap
  2. Lotion
  3. Washcloth  
  4. Shaving Cream
  5. Christian Literature
  6. White Cotton Socks
  7.  Razor(Disposable)
  8. Toothpaste
  9. Shampoo
  10. Small Cross
  11. Deordorant
  12. Hair Conditioner

*All items should be travel size or very small. Often we put a special item in the bag such as a Bible, lip balm, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, or dental floss. We also make up children's bags with small toys, coloring books, and stuffed animals.

We will be packing up the bags on the 26th of September at 9 AM in Fellowship Hall.  It should only take an hour and a half.  On Sunday, the 27th, we will be heading down to 1st Presbyterian Church to distribute the bags. If you can help, please be there before 3 PM.  Directions are available if needed or rides can be arranged.  It is an awesome time that everyone needs to experience at least once.

Please keep this ministry in mind as you go on trips or vacations. One of our volunteers told us that a motel where they had stayed gave them extra shampoo and conditioner bottles for the ministry. Also, consider giving us your Upper Room or other small Christian pamphlets when you are through with them. This literature is an important part of our ministry and may be the catalyst to lead someone to Christ. You can place all of your donations in the yellow cart in Fellowship Hall. 

Robert O'Nave, the person in charge of Loaves and Fishes, frequently talks about how life is about the choices we have made and that we win or lose by what we choose. I hope one of your choices is to give the Shoebox Ministry a try. You will be a winner! If you have any questions, please call Phill Swinney at 566-1494 or email