Upcoming Border Ministry Activities

December ~ We are transporting the Christmas toys you have donated for the 600 Methodist children in Piedras Negras, Mexico!  Muchas Gracias for each toy!  The Pastors will hand them out to their children either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! [frequently these are the only toys these precious children receive]

January 6th ~ We are going to Rey de Reyes Church to provide a Mini VBS for about 100 children!  We take pizza, juice, and home baked cookies along with a Bible Lesson & activity.

    Other stops will include House of Mercy Orphanage, Adonia Church, and Templo Aleluya Church.

     We will transport these donated items: 

Kool-Aid canisters, Instant Coffee, sugar, white flour, oil, rice, spaghetti pasta & sauces, canned veggies, etc.

You may drop these and other items into the Border Ministry bin in Fellowship Hall.  Gracias!

Orphanage in Mexico 02-03.jpg


Want to join the trip???  We’d LOVE to bring you! 

Contact Joe/Becky Painter or Rick/Kathy Gold

We will leave Live Oak at 7:30 a.m. and return home around 9 p.m.

Bring your USA Passport, a snack to share, and $ for dinner.

2018 ~ Your prayers for our brothers & sisters in Piedras Negras are the most important thing you can provide!!!