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New Sermon Series "The Game"

“When the game is all over, it all goes back in the box.”

           I am believing we have all loved a good game of Monopoly at some point in our lives. I just recently played with my foster son using the thimble playing piece. What game piece did you want? Lay Minister Bob Buck even has the mahogany boxed anniversary edition of the game which will be part of our thematic worship design! I am thinking Lay Minister Lenny Dagg probably wanted the race car! Monopoly reflects aspects of real life and is the basis of our life application series by the book “The Game” authored by John Ortberg.

What in your life is going to last forever? Remember your stuff is not yours. And what will go back in the box?  God owns everything and one day your bank statement will be irrelevant. All that is left is love. Here are our message topics!


Labor Day Weekend    “Collect the Trophies”

August 27, 2017           “Preventing Regret”

August 20, 2017          “Resign as Master of the Board”

August 13, 2017    “Keeping Score”

August 6, 2017           "The Game"