Upcoming Sermon Series


No Prayer, No Power

May 28, 2017                       Pastor Linda BaumheckelPreaches

Not Just Any Cup

When Jesus Christ ascended into heaven it wasn't the end--there is an epilogue. His disciples were filled with joy and worshipped him in the temple. Then, at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit filled Christ's followers, bringing God into our very being. Today, as his disciples, we should be spiritually alive with joy through the Holy Spirit for, as Christ promised, "I am with you always, even to the end of time." 


June 4, 2017                Lenny Dagg Preaches: Pentecost Sunday

"An Air Offensive"

The power of the Holy Spirit comes down and the church is birthed in the book of Acts. Acts also points us to how the first believers prayed. What could Lenny be teaching us this week about praying together? I assure you there is much to be gleaned. Preview the scripture reading: Acts 6:1-7 in the New Revised Standard Translation.


June 11, 2017               Bob Buck Preaches 

“You Do Not Have Because You Do Not Ask” 

(Scripture: James 4:1-2) It takes no effort to read anywhere in the Bible and recognize that prayer is fundamental to our relationship with God. We have to find time to prayer--to make it a priority. Yet, for whatever reason, most of us find ourselves weak in actual practice. It may be because we have difficulty relating to God at times. We get distracted, even in the midst of our spiritual battles, and miss the fact that prayer is our first line of defense in troubled times. Or we think we can handle things ourselves. Whatever your reasoning, it may be that you do not have because you do not ask God. Give him a try.


June 18, 2017               Pastor Linda Baumheckel Preaches

"The Power of Being God-Centered"       

I will teach a principle in two parts that brings Holy Spirit power into Community Prayer and our lives. Preview the scripture reading: Acts 12:1-11. Awesome choral music this Sunday and the 11 Music Team will share a powerful praise with "In Christ Alone."


June 25, 2017               Lenny Dagg Preaches

"God-Focused" Community Prayer             

Acts 12:1-11