Upcoming Sermon Series


“A Place Called Home”    

“In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places.” John 14:2


Dear Family of Faith,

             The scriptures of the Easter Season speak time and again of the family of God, of loving one another as brothers and sisters and as children of God. Several times the word “abide” invites us to reside, to dwell in the presence of the Risen One.                                                            

On Easter a messenger tells the disciples to meet the risen Jesus back at Galilee, the place they began together and the place where they loved and worked together during his ministry. So on Easter we will introduce this life application series and invite (especially your guests and visitors) to explore during the next 7 weeks what it means to have “a place to call home “ in their spiritual lives.


April 1- Wk 1 All Are Welcome

April 8- Wk 2 You’re Family

April 15- Wk 3 A Place at the Table

April 22- Wk 4 Always Room for One More

April 29- Wk 5 Residing in Love

May 6- Wk 6 Always Blessing, Always Blessed

May 13- Wk 7 What’s Mine is Yours


Blessed to Serve Along Side of You!   

Pastor Linda Baumheckel